Did Evite and Facebook Ruin Commitment?

I've noticed something interesting over the past decade: commitment to social events has plummeted. When I was young, someone would plan a party or event, send out paper invitations, and get responses from people stating whether or not they were coming. It worked wonderfully. The host knew everyone got the invitation and knew how many … Continue reading Did Evite and Facebook Ruin Commitment?

David Allen on Twitter and Cocktail Parties

I recently heard David Allen's commentary on Twitter. He's an experimental user and has some good thoughts on its utility. One thing he said particularly stood out to me as a nice heuristic when determining the bounds of my commitments to others and myself: Am I going to too many cocktail parties this week? Or should … Continue reading David Allen on Twitter and Cocktail Parties

“Wisdom of Crowds” Needs a New Name.

Awhile back I wrote about the concept of wisdom of crowds. And I referenced a great explanation of the dangers of its extremes. After a bit of thought, I've determined that "wisdom of crowds" needs a new name. Or rather, we need to do a better job communicating its uniqueness from other types of group thought. "Mob … Continue reading “Wisdom of Crowds” Needs a New Name.

Facebook Notifications Can Be Annoying

Facebook is great, but getting a gazillion Facebook email notifications can be annoying. It should have the option of a daily summary email that consists of all notifications for the day. The user interface would be the same but would also have a little daily summary checkbox option on the notifications settings page for those … Continue reading Facebook Notifications Can Be Annoying