How Well Do You Treat Your Sysadmin/DevOps/Ops Engineer?

Let's be honest, systems administration, whether working with bare metal or in the cloud, is often worse than a thankless job. If the site is up and running, you'll get no thanks. If it goes down, you better get it back up quickly...and then explain what just broke. If you need to schedule downtime, well, … Continue reading How Well Do You Treat Your Sysadmin/DevOps/Ops Engineer?

The 10x Engineer and Delegated Responsibility

Whenever I do an introductory phone call with an engineering candidate, I make sure to explain my management style and how my approach directs our team's process. Our process is agile, but it is decidedly not a formal Agile methodology. It's not Agile Scrum; it's not Extreme Programming; it's not Kanban. Instead, it's delegated responsibility in a … Continue reading The 10x Engineer and Delegated Responsibility

Document the Why

Like many coders, I am a proponent of writing self-documenting code. The more I have worked with intentional code that omits unnecessary or misleading comments, the more efficient I have been as a software engineer. I read clear code and I understand what is going on. However, regardless of whether I have spelunked self-documenting code or code with a girth … Continue reading Document the Why

Google Analytics Crash Course Notes

Thinking that you will adequately learn Google Analytics by clicking around the product, even over years, is a foolish concept. You will only understand a subset of its features and how they work together. You need to do your homework. I cannot improve upon Google Analytics' (GA) own crash course, titled Google Analytics IQ Lessons. … Continue reading Google Analytics Crash Course Notes