Gift Cards Getting Declined?

Several months back, I was testing an application's ability to charge credit cards before going live with it. The application allowed people to make one-time purchases, purchases using a previously saved credit card, and subscription purchases wherein people's credit card information was saved for future use. Like many sites, we used a third party to … Continue reading Gift Cards Getting Declined?

Rails path and url helpers

Sometimes I forget the simple differences between Rail's helpers. This mini post is so I don't forget. *_path Generates relative URLs: /users Used in views by link_to, form_for, etc. (per DHH) The browser maps relative URLs to absolute URLs based on the current page's protocol and host (/users on the page translates to … Continue reading Rails path and url helpers

Testing Rails Exception Notification in Production

Every Ruby on Rails project I have been involved in has used the Exception Notification gem. It sends you an email with very helpful debugging information whenever your application breaks in the real world. However, I've seen people fail to ensure that it actually works in their production environments--not when they first launch their site, … Continue reading Testing Rails Exception Notification in Production

The Unplugged by Ruven Meulenberg

While researching user experience design techniques, I stumbled upon some nifty whiteboard magnets for prototyping called GuiMags as well as a complementing book called The Unplugged. GuiMags look like the nicest way to prototype something before going to HTML and CSS. Labor intensive forms of prototyping don't seem to add much value, and paper and … Continue reading The Unplugged by Ruven Meulenberg