Catching Up to Video Games

A little over a month ago, Yahoo’s Douglas Crawford gave a great presentation on “The State of Ajax.” His opening was brilliant. He started with a brief history of computing ending with some of the incredible things being done in the video game industry, including current real-time 3D rendering of hair, light, reflections, and the like. Then he pokes fun at the web development community because of their excitement over rounded div corners. Clearly, we have some catching up to do.

Although I have been opposed to the use of Flash for regular web sites for years, Office Max came out with a nifty Flash application last Christmas called “Elf Yourself,” which they’ve upgraded this year. Not only can you skin the dancing elf with your own face, you can call a 888 number to record your own message to viewers. Very clever and very funny. Take a look at what my little brother, Nate, pieced together and then elf yourself.

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