Bad Form, Rhapsody, Bad Form

I used to subscribe to Yahoo Music Unlimited. It let me download as much music as I wanted without paying per track or album. It was much cheaper for me than Apple iTunes. Then they decided to shut the service down and migrate users over to Rhapsody Unlimited. Although Rhapsody is a tad pricier, I was okay with the change. I was still getting a better deal.

The Rhapsody installer worked fine and actually migrated about a third of my Yahoo Music downloads and all of my ripped CDs. Although a little disappointed about having to manually download the rest, I was satisfied.

It took me a little over a month to get around to the “big download” since my first install. A newer version of Rhapsody had since been released, so I routinely applied the update. Then I opened up My Documents/My Music/Yahoo Unlimited to see which old Yahoo tracks I needed to manually download into Rhapsody. To my dismay, the new version of Rhapsody was deleting all my Yahoo tracks (whether previously imported or not). It was systematically deleting WMA files one-by-one off my computer but leaving all the folders and any tracks I had ripped from CD. I could see it happening before my eyes. All along, Rhapsody didn’t say a word; it just acted normal and then dropped all the deleted tracks out of My Library when it was done.

If Rhapsody is manually inspecting each Yahoo Music file to determine whether or not to delete it, shouldn’t it kindly find the same track in its own service and download it for me? Or at least give me a list of the tracks it just removed so I can go find them myself? I’m not quite sure who made it, but this has to be one of the worst usability decisions ever made. It’s almost like switching over to Blu-ray and having someone sneak in and take all your DVDs back to Best Buy.

The good news is that before uninstalling the Yahoo Music Player, I had used Marc Abramowitz’s Export2Excel plug-in to dump a list of all my tracks just in case. I’m glad I did. Thanks, Marc!

I’m now getting carpel tunnel while rebuilding My Library.

4 thoughts on “Bad Form, Rhapsody, Bad Form

  1. Hi Ian, I work for Rhapsody and saw your post. Sorry you had such a rough time with your migration. I’m going to send your post to our dev/help team so they can see your issues too and let me know if there’s an easier fix.
    Lacy Kemp

  2. Thanks for the prompt response, Lacy, and for forwarding my troubles on to your support staff. It would certainly be nice if there was a way to recover what was lost.



  3. Wow. I’ve never heard of anything like that!
    They should have at the minimum re-downloaded replacement files for each they deleted.
    Maybe done some offline converstion of the files, or at a minimum, asked if you wanted to do that now!
    When you download a song, do you own it, are you just licensing it for as long as you subscribe?

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