SandwichBoard manWe’ve finally told the world what our startup is all about! See the video announcement of SandwichBoard and our entry in Intuit’s Just Start competition. (I’ve also shown the world that I desperately need to fix my camera conversation skills and just talk naturally.)

If we make it past the judges and into the public voting phase (only five will make it to that round), I’ll write another post begging for your votes.

4 thoughts on “SandwichBoard

  1. I’ve seen what you are capable of doing with video and I’m sorry to say this is not it. Dig out your notes from 10th grade (or whenever it was).

  2. Drew —

    Haha! 12th grade, I think. I just got the VHS for our project spliced this week. I broke it a couple years ago. I’ll try to get into into digital format this weekend.

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