Team Debt

I'm currently having a blast leading the technical team behind the LivingSocial Takeout & Delivery web site. One of the challenges of a growing team is maintaining appropriate amounts of communication. You want everyone to know everything that's important, but not everything. Otherwise, you end up being a case study in The Mythical Man Month. Although … Continue reading Team Debt

Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review by Jason Cohen

It has been three years since I have been under the oppressive finger of the waterfall software engineering process, but that is still what comes to mind when I hear the words "peer review." Corporate software outfits typically require programmers to present their code to other engineers in hopes of finding bugs and fixing them … Continue reading Best Kept Secrets of Peer Code Review by Jason Cohen

The Unplugged by Ruven Meulenberg

While researching user experience design techniques, I stumbled upon some nifty whiteboard magnets for prototyping called GuiMags as well as a complementing book called The Unplugged. GuiMags look like the nicest way to prototype something before going to HTML and CSS. Labor intensive forms of prototyping don't seem to add much value, and paper and … Continue reading The Unplugged by Ruven Meulenberg

Rails Refactoring and Deprecation

I've been using Ruby on Rails exclusively for over a year now, but have used other web frameworks for longer periods of time (classic ASP, ASP.NET, and J2EE). Rails is unique in many ways, and if look hard enough online, you'll find its qualities spelled-out for you. Deprecation is one quality that isn't spoken of much, but … Continue reading Rails Refactoring and Deprecation