Specificity, Eames. Specificity?!

Way-back-when, I suggested that CSS authors use classes as much as possible. It was a foggy idea at the time, but, thankfully, someone important stumbled-upon the same concept, and codified it. Around the same time, it started to become popular for developers to consolidate CSS and JavaScript into two files for their sites. This technique saves … Continue reading Specificity, Eames. Specificity?!

Document Domain

Every few years I run into an issue with JavaScript-based rich text editors and spellcheckers when they spawn pop-ups. The pop-ups open but don't function. If I open my Firebug console in the pop-up, I see something like: Permission denied for <http://assets2.mysitedomain.com> (document.domain has not been set) to get property Window.tinymce from <http://www.mysitedomain.com&gt; (document.domain has not been set). … Continue reading Document Domain